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Ashleigh Peoples, MD, MPH

  • Third Year Resident

Are you in a special track or focus during your residency?

Currently not in a special track but I am interested in underserved and marginalized populations.

Why did you choose UPMC Shadyside Family Medicine Residency Program?  Why Pittsburgh?

I was drawn to Shadyside at the recommendation of one of my clinical profs in medical school. I wanted a program with a strong community hospital like training with a strong connection to an academic center and interest in academic research/QI and Shadyside is that!  There is a lot offered here in terms of tracks, special interests, and support for rising areas of practice such as lifestyle medicine, MAT training, and POCUS that was very appealing. I also love that there is a combination of allopathic an osteopathic trained physicians that help increase the depth and breadth of diagnosis and treatment modalities that will enhance my practice as a family physician.

I had never been to Pittsburgh and could only get a sense from talking with residents and reading things online. Being from the Midwest, I wanted to stay closer to home but enjoy a mix of Urban Suburban living. You can find both here – Although sometimes it feels more Urban. But I have loved that there are so many parks around with so many opportunities to view the rivers.

What are your goals while here in the residency program?  How will this prepare you to be an excellent physician?

  1. To feel confident managing complex patients both inpatient and outpatient settings
  2. To be very comfortable growing my wheelhouse as a physician while also understanding my limitations
  3. Identify and hone techniques that work best for me to improve my efficiency and compliance with necessary but daunting tasks of clinical practice.

Achieving the above will prepare me to be the type of physician that leverages the patient-provider-system dynamic to provide the care that is aligned with the goals and wishes of the patient.

Do you have any specials interests outside of the residency?

I enjoy home renovation, history, podcasts, and group exercises. 

Ypsilanti, MI