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Call Schedule

The call schedule is flexible and created by the residents themselves; it is not a rigid "q-day" system. Residents work together as a class to choose call shifts that fit within their personal and rotation schedules. Generally speaking, a call shift is a 12-hour shift from either 7a-7p or 7p-7a Friday through Sunday at Shadyside Hospital.  Occasionally, residents complete a call shift at Magee Women's Hospital which is a 6p-6a shift. Call responsibilities vary by class.

The PGY1 class completes ~13 call shifts per academic year and the PGY2 class completes ~18 call shifts per academic year. The PGY3 class completes five weekends of call (10 call shifts) rounding at Shadyside Hospital. Although on-call PGY3s are not required to stay in person until 7 pm, they are available from home to help answer questions and precept admissions that come in the afternoon and overnight. 

Our inpatient medicine service is covered by two teams:

  1. A day team from 7a-7p comprised of three senior residents and two first-year residents, who round on our inpatient service and complete a maximum of seven admissions.
  2. A night team from 7p-7a comprised of one senior resident and one first-year resident, who answer floor calls, respond to answering service calls and complete a maximum of seven admissions.

Call rooms, an exercise room, and a lounge with workspaces, food, drinks, and a TV are available to residents on a dedicated floor separate from our patient care areas.