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Hannah Gross, DO

  • Second Year Resident

Are you in a special track or focus during your residency?

I am in the Osteopathic Recognition Track but also have an interest in behavioral health.  

Why did you choose UPMC Shadyside Family Medicine Residency Program?  Why Pittsburgh?

Born and raised in Pittsburgh, I knew I wanted to return home after medical school. My family is still based here and being closer to them was something I wished for during residency. Although location was a large determinant of where I applied, I also sought a place that was well-rounded, had connections to resources in my interests, and offered a diverse patient population to serve. UPMC Shadyside checked all of those boxes for me. During the interview, the transparency of the staff, as well as their humor and openness, were both things that heightened my interest in the program.

What are your goals while here in the residency program?  How will this prepare you to be an excellent physician?

My goal is to learn as much as I can in each rotation while embracing a growth mindset. I aim to learn more manipulative medicine treatments to expand on my skills as an Osteopathic Physician and find ways to better care for my patients. I strongly believe this program will give me the tools I need to find solutions for my patients, but also learn about myself along the way.

Do you have any specials interests outside of the residency?

Outside of the residency, I consider myself a National Park enthusiast and especially love to explore them through hiking and photography. Apart from the outdoors, I enjoy film/documentaries, cooking, and True Crime. 

Sharpsburg of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania