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Mary Hull MD

  • Graduate 2017
Scholarly Research Project

Improving the HPV Vaccination Rate at the UPMC Shadyside Family Health Center

Human Papilloma Virus is the leading cause of cervical cancer. It is cause for 27,000 cancers each year in men and women. Studies show that vaccination has decreased HPV prevalence by 56%. The Healthy People 2020 Goal is to have 80% of males and females ages 13-17 fully vaccinated against HPV. The rate of HPV vaccination at our health center prior to initiation of this HPV vaccination project was 21.7% for males and females ages 13-17.

This project has aimed to increase the HPV vaccination rates at the health center. The main initiative was mailing letters to children who had not completed their HPV vaccination series. 19% of these children returned to the office within a 3 month period and received their overdue vaccination. In addition to the letters, our office now has an ongoing reminder system for overdue well child visits and vaccinations. A standing order protocol for HPV vaccination has been implemented. Residents and faculty were educated on improving communication regarding HPV vaccination. Quarterly newsletters are emailed to providers with updated vaccination schedules and reminders. Additionally, the health center updated the HPV handouts and posters.

The ACIP revised the recommended vaccination schedule for HPV from 3 doses to an alternate schedule of 2 doses with certain parameters. This change further increased our rates. With all these initiatives, our vaccination rate for females and males ages 13-17 increased to 56.5%.